Reno, NV Artificial Grass Pet Turf Installation for Dogs

Photo of Shih Tzu dog laying on artificial pet grass in backyard
With artificial grass installation services all over the U.S., SYNLawn® is the leading designer of aesthetically pleasing pet turf runs for dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds love! Many pet owners are wary of leaving their pooches outside, whether that’s due to pests like bobcats, snakes, scorpions, and feral cats, or fears of the dog digging or getting muddy. However, thanks to our synthetic pet turf installation experts, residential and commercial locations can have a safe, dedicated space for playful pups who adore spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine. There are a handful of advantages that SYNLawn® of Reno’s state-of-the-art artificial grass for dogs has over genuine grass lawns. Durability – There is no possibility of yellow or thinning grass – just an always green, luxuriant lawn! All of SYNLawn®’s hard-wearing and long-lasting artificial grass products are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, adverse weather changes from one season to another, and heavy foot traffic due to every day use. Our turf is also strong enough to deter dogs that like to dig up natural grass lawns.  Hygienic – Given that fleas, ticks and other irritants are naturally repelled by the synthetic materials used to construct our dog grass turf, your pet will never have to suffer these minuscule pests ever again! In addition, unpleasant pet waste odors never become a problem due to Envirofill, the best natural deodorizer available on the shelves today. SYNLawn® recommends Envirofill to all customers purchasing one of our artificial lawn turf installations. Comfy – Remember the ugly, abrasive fake grass installations of yesteryear? Well, our gorgeous artificial grass for dogs is a million miles away from the prickly, scratchy artificial lawn installations of decades past! SYNLawn®’s patented Omega Technology provides a soft, cool, comfortable play surface that doesn’t need to be mowed or watered. If you’ve been searching for a low-maintenance lawn for Fido, contact us today! Versatile – Not only do we design and manufacture cost-effective backyard pet turf applications for homes, but for many different types of commercial spaces, too. Popular installations include pet daycare centers, animal shelters, doggy training schools, and even pet show auditoriums.
Reduced Clean-Up – Our hypoallergenic pet turf is a much cleaner alternative to natural grass lawns because it reduces the chances of your furry four-legged friends tracking muddy paw marks into your home after an energetic play session. In the event of an abrupt downpour, a permeable membrane beneath the turf’s top layer causes the surface to drain rapidly, helping to eradicate muddy, puddle-covered areas. The SYNLawn® team is confident our synthetic dog grass turf products are much better than the real thing! Our soft, lush artificial pet grass applications are perfect for homes and businesses in Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Sparks, and Reno. To request further information or a FREE design consultation, please call 775-322-9631 or contact us online.

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