SYNLawn: Reno’s Eco-Friendly Artificial Grass Solution

Conceptual image of an eco-friendly earth overlaid on artificial grass
Ongoing drought conditions in Reno make it difficult to maintain the traditional curb appeal expected by many homeowners’ associations. Weeds spring up despite best intentions and patchy brown spots in the yard seem to appear overnight despite constant watering. Maintaining natural grass utilizes excessive resources: natural gas to power the lawn mower, water to help the grass grow and pesticides to keep the grass green and weed-free. Thanks to modern innovations in artificial turf, SYNLawn of Northern Nevada is the leading producer of artificial lawn solutions for Reno, Carson City, Lake Tahoe, and surrounding suburbs. Our eco-friendly perspectives have thrilled customers for over a decade. Learn more about how our products do more than just keep your home beautiful – they support green initiatives and conservation. Several measures have been taken to make sure SYNLawn artificial grass is as environmentally-friendly as possible. Options include an EnviroLoc™ backing system, which extends the life of your grass by “locking in” nylon turf fibers for a lasting look that does not need to be replaced as quickly as competitors’ products. Our artificial turf also utilizes BioCel™ technology with bio-based polymers created from soy to add strength and stability to your grass. That’s right – our synthetic grass is made with renewable resources! SYNLawn of Northern Nevada uses artificial grass products that adhere to the most stringent safety ratings. Our products are 100 percent lead safe and far exceed even California’s strict guidelines for lead content. Everything is made in the U.S.A. so we can offer artificial grass that meets the highest standards of quality and safety. For water efficient landscaping, artificial grass is a given. Less than 1 percent of the world’s water is fit for human consumption, and a great deal of that is currently being funneled into your home irrigation system. Put an end to wasted water and invest in landscaping solutions that pay off. SYNLawn of Northern Nevada can save homeowners up to 70 percent on their water bills! The best way for artificial turf manufacturers and wholesalers in Reno to produce eco-friendly products is to develop grass that lasts. When we get it right the first time, less grass has to be installed, which means less is manufactured overall. When we use fewer resources, our carbon footprint is reduced and we produce less waste. Sustainability is a core value of the SYNLawn brand. We believe this chain reaction can change the world. Call today for a free consultation!

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